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Monday, July 27, 2009

Blogger bX-bliced Error

Uploading New Template And Such

This is an old post which was written on March 1st, 2009. It has been collecting dust all along until I came upon it while searching for some materials for a new post. Hope it is still relevant...

Recently I've received many personal messages and emails telling me about their problems with Blogger. Most of them are from eBlog Templates readers who are following Dilectio Comment Section where I was one of the main contributors. To refresh your memory, you can refer to Making Border Lines Disappear's first paragraph.

Before I proceed any further, here's a little bit of history which I hope will answer some questions from readers and friends alike asking me how did I end-up on eBlog Templates?

Guess it all started when I published Solving 'Dilectio' Blogger Template, when I solved a problem that got to do with some text-wrap script making words to wrap around the images. Unfortunately, it only happened on free Dilectio Template for Blogger. Fortunately, it has been solved. Horey...!

Even though that post never did attract any attention on CARI Forum (neither from Admin nor moderators) but it did manage to attract David Cowgill (the eBlog Templates founder) when I posted about it on Dilectio Comments Section.

After that as the saying goes, the rest is history. David Cowgill (the eBlog Templates founder) gave me his permission to help him out to answer his many reader's questions. Further good news though it's not confirm yet, David is planning to create something BIG for all his readers and I've been invited to join him. Just wait for it. I'm sure it gonna create another huge sensation. I shall tell you more about it after all has been finalized and ready!

Okay, back to the main topic. After getting such information, I started browsing around the Internet to find out what's going on? I found out there are many other Blog*Spot's user who are facing the same problem, keep getting bX this bX that errors! Most of the time it only occurred when changing to a new template. Below are a few interesting threads that I found on the old Blogger Help Group;

  1. bX-bliced Error

  2. XML Upload Error

  3. Report Your bX-code Error

  4. Join this thread, BLOGGER TEAM FIX THIS PROBLEM so that the wise guys have enough information to solve the dreaded bX's errors.

  5. A reply from a Blogger Employee, Having Trouble Uploading A Template?

  6. There are so many such questions. Be free to look it up on Blogger Help Group to read all relevant questions posted by Blogger all over the world. Happy reading guys.

I soon found out that not all answers were right to any Blogger's templates. Some were successful and some were not! Not to worry though. It was not the fault of Blog*Spot users. As a forummer on Dilectio Comments Section had wisely said, it seems like Blogger has been making some changes recently that don't sit well with customized templates. Until then, chill down and wait for the Blogger Team to rectify their problem.

Here's what to do whenever you're changing and downloading a new template, the annoying bX error awaits you;

  1. After choosing and downloading the new template, open the XML file with Notepad.

  2. After opening it with Notepad, search for widget id.

  3. In every Blogger's templates, widget id will be displayed like so, <b:widget id="blabla1" locked="blabla" title="blabla" type="blabla"></b:widget>

  4. Now, this is important. You can either delete the number in Blabla1 and replace it with another number like so, Blabla1 to Blabla2 or Blabla3 to Blabla4. Preferably a higher number than the one you deleted..

  5. Or you can just add the same number beside the old one like so, Blabla1 to Blabla11 or Blabla2 to Blabla22.

  6. Do as the above to all widget id found on the template's XML file. And don't forget to save it after you've finished. Please save it somewhere you can easily remember because you'll be needing it later.

  7. Then sign-in to your Blogger's account --> Dashboard --> Layout --> Edit HTML

  8. In Edit HTML mode, browse for the file you've saved it earlier and upload the file.

  9. Lastly, preview the end result to see that everything is alright before you click SAVE.

Well, that's it. See ya' when I see ya'.

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24 Responses to "Blogger bX-bliced Error"

Anonymous said...

This is a new website by you that I was not aware of. Excellent name! I'm going to Bookmark and also put it at the sidebar of my two blogs.

I'm happy to see all those business-related links on the right. I think you've got it right - SPOT ON - with this one. I can see and feel things clicking from the inter-connectedness and synergies of the posts and online business paraphernalia.

When (note it's not `If') you strike the first million ringgit, many will be moved to better their own situations. Most likely I'll be one of them.

BTW I have vested interest in the smooth running and success of this site. I'm still stuck in the rut I was in since you told me to get a Paypal account. I had given all of my time to "Writing for the papers & Sub-editing jobs - have to ensure regular income first.

But now that things are more stabilised, I'm going to continue with my original plans - plus additions. I've just been struck with this idea - getting my two sons involved in this too. T

The eldest (24) has been jobless since two months ago. And he's one who doesn't want to continue with higher education Sigh... He's like me - skinny - and it breaks my heart to think about the tough and tiring jobs that he had done. But what qualifications and skills does he have?

My youngest (18) - He's doing a diploma in Multimedia, quite savvy with online entertainment stuff, knows about Paypal... Well, I'd love to introduce him to your site here. That's what I'm dreaming of now - Me and my two (previously estranged) boys working together developing ours... following the path you as the trailblazer had opened for Malaysians and "people like me".

ArahMan7 said...


Thanks for comments Bro and thanks for everything (bookmarking et al). I'm glad everything has worked out fine with you.

Wow, two grown-up sons! That's the only pleasure that I'm not about to get. It kinda sad when I went astray thinking, there will be nobody to carry on with my name.

Anyway, if you need any info about Internet Marketing, just call out my name and I shall come arunning - I can still hear Lynn Anderson singing those words once upon a time ago.

See you around, Bro. Sent my warmest regards to both of your sons. I be happy to know them.

Greetings and lots of love from Kuale Kangsor.

~ ArahMan7

Anonymous said...

How are you today Mr. ArahMan7? hope you ok and lucky for you.
Many time not coming here make me miss this site. Hope Mr ArahMan7 have latest good article.
This article is very useful for me, and i'll apply asap.
Thanks Mr.Arahman7, visit me back if you have a lot of free time!

Morika 金玲 said...

Hi sir its me again congratulation...

ArahMan7 said...

Hola Ojienling,

Thank you. Hope you'll include this blog for your automatic blog walking, lol!

See you around.

Greetings and lots of love from Malaysia.

~ ArahMan7

Morika 金玲 said...

Hi sir, ok i will put you on my list of blog walking hahhaha, see you around sir..

Unknown said...

..salam, again.. an oldster, I thought it was too much of a bother to change the appearance of my blog..but you are giving me ideas...tengok le, nanti..

ArahMan7 said...


Thank you. That is good to hear. Happy blog walking my friend.


Yeah I know, it was too much of a bother, but believe me when you get the hang of it you would be doing nothing else, lol!

Fyi, I've learned a lot what's going on under the hood (in a Blogger's template) when I DIY on my own template. Well, at least you should know a bit about HTML and CSS.

Anyway, thank you for coming over and comments. Really appreciate it very much.

See you around, my friend.

Greetings and lots of love from Kuale Kangsor, Malaysia.

~ ArahMan7

mekyam said...

hi AM!

congratulations on the new site! got wind of it from matc.

i think the wallpaper is very rich! ;D

ArahMan7 said...

Hola Mek Yam,

Amin! Amin! You know, you're the second person who said the 'RICH' word to me. InsyaAllah, hopefully your mouth is salty (for others, that's the direct translation from the Malay's language - anyway, is there such a saying, lol!)

Oh yeah, welcome New Yorker! Welcome to my humble, soon to be rich blog. I mean rich in contents, not that rich rich, lol.

I'm going offline now. Monthly job, cutting grass around the house's compound. Hopefully, MIL will love me even more, **wink wink** Gonna post a pic of me cutting grass on FaceBook for your viewing pleasure, lol!

See you around, New Yorker.

Greetings and lots of love from Kuale Kangsor, MALAYSIA.

~ ArahMan7

p/s Bro Cendana has been very good to me. He's a good friend. Hopefully, his readers can accept me as I am. I guess that was the least commented post...

Morika 金玲 said...

Hello sir, just passed your lovely site here to wish you a great weekend, how are you? Wish you all the best sir...

一个一个的部落格寂寞心 said...

Just past the lovely site here wish you a great spirit, keep smiling and everything goes well ...

Anonymous said...

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