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Saturday, November 3, 2007


To Believe Or Not To Believe

If you still remembered, I did a post about last September 29th and I said many wonderful things about them. But when I login to my PayPal's account recently, I found out that I've yet to receive my USD10 from them.

I tried contacting them by clicking their 'contact us' link but it was a great disappointment for me. First, they have a very bad designed form. In FireFox, most of the form used a white background with white font. I can't see a thing what I've type on them. So, I switched to my faithful Internet Explorer Seven. Now it's better, dark background with white fonts, but when I clicked on the submit button, a pop-up sign appeared telling me to use 'Alphabet Only'.
Dear Bloggers,

We are indeed a relatively new company on the commercial blogging scene, a little more than 7 weeks old now, and we plan stay for years with plans of launching local sites on local languages and other new groundbreaking income generating tools for our growing number bloggers.

The reason behind delayed payments has nothing to do with lack of funding, cash flow problems or similar. We have had problems with clearing our Paypal payment account and have been dragged around until the end of this week where we finally got all issues solved and started paying all of our bloggers.

We will post a newsletter on Friday June 1st 2007 to our entire Bloggerwave community explaining this minor speed bump on the road to making Bloggerwave a leading commercial blogging solutions.

We are always eager to receive new ideas for changes, improvement, correction of errors etc. and any of our Bloggers, advertiser and users are more than welcome to contact me directly on for assistance or help.

Best regards,

Ulrik Thomsen

*Comments by Bloggerwave's CEO listed on Mr. Lau's Blog

I tried it several times with and without the alphabet, yet the pop-up sign will not go away. I'm getting bald just by scratching my head wondering what the @#%& does it meant - alphabet only? My email address has numbers on it, so does my home address! They even asked for my phone number, should I type in my phone number using alphabet, and please tell me how the &^%$ am I gonna do that?

'Contact Us' - strike three! You're off!

So I searched back every available emails that Bloggerwave has sent me and I wrote a very long messages telling them about my predicaments, but all of them came back to me undelivered! Even the address in an email that approved the opportunity that I took was not acceptable! It came back undelivered!

Email - red card! Get out!

A big question mark for Bloggerwave
By this time, I'm getting skeptical. What is going on? I began Googling by typing Bloggerwave and I got about 333,000 results for bloggerwave in 0.31 seconds. I was not surprise when I found out that quite a few Bloggers has the same problems like me. Below are a few which I chose in random;
Next, I tried to find more informations about Bloggerwave with 'Whois' and I found out their administrative and technical contact email address, but unfortunately both my email to Jesper Thomsen and Jesper Svane came back to me undelivered. These is what my faithful email service said in their 'failure notice' email;
I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses. This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.

I doubt whether Jester are their name, more like a jester to me. I'm sorry for whoever who has signed up because of me, and you're having problems with them now. Anyway before I took my leave, if you are thinking of joining Bloggerwave, do so at your own risk.

Here are some great news brought to you by The News Room.

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5 Responses to "BloggerwaveDotCom"

Anonymous said...

Great post! So informative, it will help everyone! :)

Anonymous said...

ArahMan7, it's always, always bad news when there is news of Paypal problems.... and, just like every new affiliate marketing programs or paid to post, you really have to measure the company's worth by how timely they pay.

Too bad it happened to you....

Anonymous said...

hey ArahMan

good to see you back again on my blog. Yeah I have been working very hard on my blog and I guess you didn't see the message on my blog. I recently migrated to wordpress and now I am blogging at

you also seem to have changed the theme completely..

small not rely on google ads so much..the least Google ads you have the more you get payed...people have started to know the difference between ads and content and they mostly avoid sites with too much ads..try and optimize your site for good content not good ads..

do subscribe to my new blogs feeds..I am sure you will love the content!!

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