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Monday, October 22, 2007

Firefox vs. Opera vs. Internet Explorer (Pictures)

Opera the Browser

I'm now using Recovery for FirefoxMozilla Firefox on Recovery faithful companion, Windows!Windows Windows XP. Lately during surfing the Internet, I came across lots of articles/posts telling me how great Beginning to fall in love with Opera, the browser!Opera the browser is. For now, I'm using Recovery old friendInternet Explorer 7 too, but Recovery for FirefoxMozilla Firefox with Recovery new faithful friendMozilla add-ons is still my favourite.

Before I proceed any further, I wanna make it clear that this is NOT a Sponsored Post. Neither Opera the browser nor Mr. Daniel Goldman the WebMaster of Opera Watch is paying any $Bling-Bling$ to my PayPal's coffer. Just maybe, I can be their representative in Malaysia if I choose Opera as my main browser. I shall create a new blog posting exclusively about Opera in my native tongue, Bahasa Melayu (Malay Language).

I know we Malaysian are not used to any other browser except Mr. Gates' Internet Explorer. Maybe we were born and raise to know only IE. I know because it took me quite sometime to switch to Mozilla Firefox. Even after downloading Firefox, I'm still faithful to my IE. Even now, I still used IE and I can't bring myself to delete IE. Even some of my friends are afraid to use any other browser except Internet Explorer!

And now without further ado, here are some frequent asked questions all that you need to know about Opera, the browser.

About Opera

Q: What is Opera?
Opera is one of the most powerful Web browsers around. A Web browser is the program that allows you to view Web pages. Opera is well known for innovation for PC browsers and bringing the full web to mobile phones and devices.

Q: Is Opera free?
Absolutely free.

Q: Why should I download a browser? Doesn't my computer already come with one for free?
It's about getting more out of the time you spend on the internet. Opera is designed to be much faster than these browsers and gives you powerful features that the default browser lacks. Default browsers like Internet Explorer are also more likely to be subjected to dangerous software such as viruses and spyware.

Q: Will Opera keep me safe from fraudulent websites and malicious hackers?
According to Secunia, a respected firm that tracks security in browsers, Opera has the best reputation and track record when it comes to browser security. Keeping our users safe from security vulnerabilities, fraudulent websites, and malicious hackers is a top priority for Opera. Opera is maintained by hundreds of engineers, developers and security experts who are constantly looking to make the browser even safer.

Q: Doesn't Opera copy all of their features from other browsers?
Absolutely not. In fact, many of the features that are popular in other browsers today were invented and pioneered by Opera a long time ago. Opera invented the precursor to tabs (in 1994), Page Zoom (1994), was the first browser to block pop-up ads (2000), first to add a Search field in the browser toolbar (2000), Sessions (1996), deleting private data (2000), Mouse Gestures (2000), User JavaScript (2005), BitTorrent support (2005), Widgets (2006), Speed Dial (2007), and much more.

Q: Does Opera support extensions, such as those found in Firefox?
Much of the functionality provided through Firefox extensions is already built directly into Opera, so you don't have to download additional extensions in Opera. In addition, Opera is highly customizable and supports all standard plug-ins.

Q: Can I also use Opera on my mobile phone?
Yes. And your Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS or almost any connected device and mobile phones. Opera Mobile oftens comes preinstalled from the manufacturers, but if it doesn't you can install Opera Mini which runs on nearly all phones.

Q: This all sounds great, so how do I download Opera?
-- Opera on your computer
-- Opera Mini on your phone
-- Opera Mobile on your phone
-- or learn more about Opera at

And here's some comparison between browsers - in pictures!

That's Recovery - tough and macho!

Not for Recovery

Recovery ready for Opera

IE for Recovery

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5 Responses to "Firefox vs. Opera vs. Internet Explorer (Pictures)"

Unknown said...

arahman, im using firefox with extension..

and, i like those hummer too..

but, i really dont understand about opera..

how about firefox vs opera vs safari?

Anonymous said...

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that website-blog-tip had gone forever..hahah..

now, i make a few new blog and a new url.

u can take a look at my new blog below:

and, choose which one u r interested. and i will link u under "Featured Sites" which is link for paid only. but i give free link for u.

Unknown said...

thanks arahman for linking to me.

anyway, ur blog url can be found at

it was under "Worth Reading Blog"..

feel free to take a look..

Anonymous said...

I am now at Firefox.
Before that I was in love with IE.
One of my friends recommended FF to me, and 'till today I'm using it.

As you said in the post, I can't remove IE. :)
It's still there on the PC.

By the way, the photos about the browsers are cool. ;)

Take care,
DeeJay from Macedonia (Europe)

Anonymous said...

Very good review of opera and comparison of the 3 browsers! (not to mention funny pics at the end)

I have never been motivated to download opera but since I do web development at times I think I will. I've been having a lot of problems with firefox lately so maybe i'll switch. I just don't like IE that much but I wouldn't recommend deleting it (if you can even do that) especially if you own a blog because sometimes you need to see how things look in different browsers.

Keep up the great posts and congrats on all your PR achievements!

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