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Friday, July 24, 2009

GooglePages and GeoCities Are Closing

Free image hosting

As a dedicated clients of both well known Googlepages aka Google Page Creator and GeoCities, I received an alert emails from both telling me that Googlepages and GeoCities are closing. For your information, Googlepages and GeoCities are free web site building services and communities.

Unlike Google Page Creator, GeoCities site will no longer appear on the Web, and I shall no longer be able to access my GeoCities account and files on October 26, 2009 whereas Google will soon be discontinuing operation of the Google Page Creator product. They (Google) will be migrating my Page Creator sites over to Google Sites. Despite the bad news, I was told my Page Creator sites will continue to operate with no work on my part.

Missing images from my blog

I considered the news as bad because I uses both services exclusively to host all my images. Yeah, I know there are a ton more free image hosting out there but the problem with those ton of free image hosting is their bandwidth limitation. Oftentimes, you can easily exceeded the amount of specified bandwidth allocated in a matter of days especially if the traffic to your blog is high. As a result, your image won't show and you'll get this annoying message, "bandwidth
exceeded" as you can see on the image below when I've exceeded the bandwidth and the images gone AWOL, lol!

Missing images on my blog
Click image to enlarge

Free image hosting sites

So, next time if you find any images gone missing from your blog, most probably it was due to bandwidth limitation. As for me I used to love using Ripway but then I found out that I couldn't assessed any of my images even though I've not exceeded my daily data transfer limit.

Naturally, I went in search for other free image hosting such as ImageShack® and PhotoBucket to name a few. If you're interested to know, here's a directory for free image hosting. Hope you'll find it useful.

Free image hosting with unlimited bandwidth

After searching high and low for free image hosting I've found one. And the best part it goes with unlimited bandwidth. That means I don't have to change every images URL every now and then whenever I've exceeded the allocated bandwidth.

For your information, you can actually host your images on Blogger and use the images' URL to hotlink the images on your blog. But there's a little trick you gotta know to find out the real URL to use. If you're a great fan of Firefox (like yours truly - **cough** **cough**) to find out the direct link for the image is to Right Click (on the image) ---> (click on) Copy Link Location. For Internet Explorer (IE8), Right Click (on the image) ---> (click on) Copy Shortcut.

Updates July 25th - Sorry about that. Let's start again from the top. Upload all your images on your new post like this one. After publishing the new post, choose and click on an image. DO NOT use the address's link on the status bar coz your image will not show up if you tried to hotlink it.

To get the direct link, for Firefox - Right Click on the image and choose Copy Image Location. For IE8 user, Right Click on the image and then click on Properties. A little box will shows up. Inside the box there's the image's address (URL).

And now, after what I've said and done, I gonna upload all the images used for all my blogs. Hopefully, this gonna solve the bandwidth problem for good. Before that I gonna set some ground rules;

  1. All image's links are for my own use only.

  2. Please do not hotlink the images.

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13 Responses to "GooglePages and GeoCities Are Closing" said...

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ArahMan7 said...

Yeah, mine too. This tutorial is for my own use to get the image's links. Like I said, you never know when your image will not show due to bandwidth limitation. As a precaution, thus the post, **wink**

~ ArahMan7

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