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Saturday, April 26, 2008

ClickBank In Malaysia

Wonderful News For Malaysia

I received an email from Mr. Wong Vun Choh @ Mr. Steven Wong telling me that now ClickBank has finally accepted Malaysian to register with them.

For those who don't know what's ClickBank, here is the short version to explain what's ClickBank taken from their website;

ClickBank is the Internet's largest digital marketplace, where thousands of the web's most popular products are sold every day. Whether you're looking to buy, sell, or promote digital products, ClickBank is for you.

I was skeptical at first these kind of wonder news had been heard so many times before. But when I tried to register with ClickBank, Malaysia was not listed. I've heard too why Malaysia was not listed with ClickBank but I'm not going to dwell on that.

Immediately I got Mr. Wong's email, I went to sign-up with ClickBank and I was very happy coz the registration went smoothly. Below are a few images to show that I'm a registered member of ClickBank.

Malaysia is now listed with ClickBank
Malaysia is now listed with ClickBank

Confirmation Code from ClickBank
Confirmation Code from ClickBank

My Account with ClickBank
My Account with ClickBank

Isn't that a very wonderful news for us Malaysian. For those who want to make money online, I suggest go now, right this minute to sign-up with ClickBank lest they change their policies again as they has done before.

Before I'm off again to settle a few personal matters, here is another wonderful news brought to you by The News Room. Enjoy with your dates, my friends.

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ClickBank In Malaysia

GSL SEO Analyst said...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah I say the same thing Your presentation has really come a long way. Good Job Arahman!!! Oh and thank you again for the free downloads...Zoroaster7

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see that Malaysia is finally being included in the Clickbank listings. This is a major development - previously I have seen ebooks for sale that were entirely dedicated to helping Malaysians get around the "country not listed" problem with Clickbank.

I am still curious about the actual reasons for the Clickbank country restrictions. When I was doing the writing for my payment post a few days ago, I went to the Clickbank signup page and took a few minutes to look at the drop-down menu for the country listings. It is very interesting to see which countries are included and which ones are still being excluded.

Many of the listings seem very arbitrary and don't make much sense to me. For instance, they have included South Africa, Namibia, and even Western Sahara, but not most of the other African countries. In Asia, Japan is included but not Mongolia. Russia and China are also excluded. More importantly for many of my readers, the Philippines are still excluded, forcing many of them to use PayDotCom as an alternative. I have read on some of the other blogs that their exclusion was supposedly because of fraud issues, but many of the other countries on the list have had similar incidents of fraud occasionally.

I hope that Clickbank eventually allows all countries to join because they have been very reliable on payments, offer relatively high commissions on most products, and are easy to promote.

Anonymous said...

Hi Encik Man, i'm joe here. Found here at Mad Wahm...i can see that now that adsense in your blog is up and running...;-p still have some in mine (my blog is ugly lol)especially on pages with malay language posts.. Good to know someone like you here...;-)Hope we can help each other...;-) Kindly contact me via email if there's anything I can help you.



Unknown said...

I haven't hear about this bank but if you are saying then I will check this on my next tour to malaysia in december and will get back to you bro. click here for further more

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