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Friday, February 22, 2008

SOS, I've Been Attacked!

错误消息 - WTF???

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! I've been attacked! I repeat, I've been attacked!

As for now, I cannot browse the www using Firefox anymore. Every links I turned to or clicked on will go to this page below.

Chinese characters invading my PC

Thinking aloud in my head, "WTF is going on?"

Then I noticed my homepage on Firefox got China pasted on it as shown in the image below;

Y! China???

Ironically, my Internet Explorer Seven (IE7), was not affected by the invading Chinese's characters. I don't used IE7 much for the obvious reasons as stated in this post, Firefox vs Opera vs Internet Explorer.

Yes, Y! Malaysia!

I looked up for my IP and I was shocked to learn that I'm now in China, living in a place called Chengdu. The image below I took it with FireShot, in Firefox.

My IP in China

But when I was using IE7, I got the correct IP as shown in the image below. This time I used SnagIt 8 to take the image.

My correct IP in Malaysia

I really missed Firefox with his awesome add-on. And now I'm not able to use GreaseMonkey, Gspace, Web Developer and many many more other add-on in my arsenal.

I'm out of my wits trying to solve these problem. Anybody out there computer experts, please tell me how to get my Firefox back? I'm open to any suggestions.

Flaws in Microsoft?

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7 Responses to "

SOS, I've Been Attacked!

lankapo said...

salam, bang man
what happen to your pc ?
Ada worm,spyware kut yang tertanam tuh. Pakai antivirus apa?

bahaya tu kalau ada buat online banking transaction, takut dia buleh trace

Anonymous said...

Dang, bahaya nih,and FF is my favorite browser :(

Henry said...

I love FF too :)

Anonymous said...

Hey man,

It sounds to me like theres some spyware on your system that hijacks your Firefox.

Heres what I would do:

1 - Uninstall Firefox (you can get it later)
2 - Download some free anti-spyware/anti-virus such as AVG FREE EDITION or AVG ANTI-SPYWARE
3 - Scan and try to find whats happening
4 - If found anything, remove it and re-install firefox again..

Good luck!

Oh, thanks again for stopping by my blog @!!


Anonymous said...

That's absolutely dangerous!!!But my firefox doesn't cause any problems to me.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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