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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Advertising on JohnChow [dot] com

While minding my own business, surfing the Internet, searching and reading whatever posts that caught my fancy, I received a lovely comment from Lankapo. He told me that my Internet business card with Entrecard is now flying high and proud on none other than the genius Internet Marketer, Mr. John Chow.

Frankly, I've forgotten all about it. After looking high and low, I found out that on January 6, 2008 I bidded to advertise on John Chow [dot] com for the amount of 287 Entrecard's credit points. After that, I just forgot all about it until today January 19 2008.

During the early days after joining Entrecard, I was quite active not only just dropping card, but I made it a point to read and leave a comment or two on every blogs that I visited.

Usually, I don't just leave a simple comment and then pasting links all over the comment's text area. Maybe because of that I befriended many awesome bloggers from all over the world wide web. And many of them are still keeping in touch with me.

Then I realized, the more blogs I visited, the more credit points I gained till to the point that it took nearly a hundred credit point to advertise on my blog. Not many Entrecard's members have that kind of credit points especially to the newbies.

From that point onward, I stopped visiting and dropping card. And by doing that, I noticed it took less and less of credit points to advertise on my blog. Due to that I also received many bloggers who want to advertise on mine because it's became more affordable.

ArahMan7's Internet business card on John Chow [dot] com
Click image to enlatge

Now let's see how much traffic will John Chow sent to this blog? Do you know how much it cost for John Chow do a review for your blog? How about USD 450 per post? Then do a simple mathematic to count how much does it cost to advertise your 125 x 125 banner on John Chow's per month?

People are willing to pay their arms and legs to get their site or blog featured on John Chow because they know they will get more than they pay once they're featured on his blog. As for me, it just cost 287 credit point to get featured for one day on John Chow [dot] com.

That's it for now. Who knows I shall be able to learn a precious lesson today. The day I was featured for one day on John Chow [dot] com via the power of advertising.

Come and visit my flag ship, My Journey To Recovery to see the power of family gathering in pictures. Enjoy your weekend.

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9 Responses to "

Advertising on JohnChow [dot] com

Techie Guy said...

Congrats on advertising on John Chow. I have been watching and to add my card, but I'm always at the wrong time. You'll have to tell us how many visitors you received from the ad.

Technically Easy

lankapo said...

Thanks for the link back. hehe

Now I get it, you purposely make your price cheaper just to get more advertiser :)

Anonymous said...

Conguratulation friend for the promotion you got on looked cool in the image.

Anonymous said...

1000 steps start from 1st hard one smart day sure will success

Unknown said...

Hi arahman, salam from indonesia. sorry if my comment is out of yr topics. just reply you, on yr template request, just inform me which template u want. but i need a couple days to finish it. will you wait? and also thank u to place an entrecard on mine. appreciate it.

Unknown said...

Hi arahman, salam from indonesia. sorry if my comment is out of yr topics. just reply you, on yr template request, just inform me which template u want. but i need a couple days to finish it. will you wait? and also thank u to place an entrecard on mine. appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Mind if I ask how many visitors you got by advertising on his page? Some of the A list blogs cost over 2000 credits to advertise on now! :)

Unknown said...

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