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Saturday, December 8, 2007


- PQ Computing Inc

Create a Talking Photo

Notice: This is not a sponsored post. I've not and will not received any moolah, ka-ching, duit, whatsoever in monetary forms for this post. This is a favour I'm doing for a friend. You know what the wise old men said, "The more you give... " ;-)

Christmas is just round the corner and you've been scratching your head all day long thinking the perfect gifts for your love ones. Look no more. I present you, Talking Photo to be released before Christmas. It convert any photo into a talking character as shown in the demo below. Click on the image to hear what that Italian gonna say, I'm telling you to read... you no unnerstand... ;-)

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Great, huh? Head over to PQ Talking Photo now. There are many more Talking Photo demo images for you to view and click. For now, this awesome software requirement only Windows XP/Vista. For Mac user, don't be sad. Mac version will be release early 2008.

I got to tell you, this Talking Photo has many features. It features;
  • Create animated characters from any photo you want.

  • Easy to use. With simple mouse clicks, the animation can be generated in a few seconds.

  • Only one picture is needed to construct a realistic 3D face for animation

  • Animate any human or animal photos, paintings, drawings or even sketchs.

  • Automatically match lip movement with voice.

  • Support any spoken languges: English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, etc.

  • Create your talking photo album, live avatars on blogs, funny greeting card, pets talk show, etc.

All those features mentioned above can be used for your blog, photo album, MySpace, Facebook, iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune, Mobile Phone to name a few.

Oh yes, beside Talking Photo, PQ DVD has a wide range of products as you can see below;

Top Recommended Software

Video Converter

DVD Converter

Beside that, you can get special offers for Memory Card Deals, and many more softwares to download for free. Yes, you heard me right, for FREE!

Another Notice: Oh yesss! I just received a very good news. By blogging about it like I'm doing now, you will receive a copy of PQ Talking Photo! ($59.90 value for Free). And so can you. What are you waiting for? Head over to PQ DVD now. You got some blogging to do, my friends. After publishing the post, you can sent an email to Dicky, so that he can sent you a copy of PQ Talking Photo which was valued $59.90 for free before Christmas. Yes, yes, I know. You can thanks me later ;-)

As usual before I took my leave. Let hear it, oops, I mean let read it from The News Room.

Enjoy your weekend.

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7 Responses to "


- PQ Computing Inc"
Anonymous said...

Interesting software. It looks like fun, although I didn't care for the dialogue of the demo talking photo. Thanks for the heads up.

lankapo said...

salam bang,
saya dah paypal kat abg usd 1,tuh tp tak fhm lah budak baru belajar nih

lagi satu nak tanya, apa yang pakcik google tak bg ? payperpost thau tak bg ..ada lain yg tak bg ker..buat contest tak bleh jugakker?

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for a very cool tip. :)

Anonymous said...


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Nor said...

ey arahman,

i think I should give that a try huh.


yaya said...

Fuiyo ini lagi cool dari request yaya to santa hehe...

tapi kena donlod lah eh? i must try this.

p/s : da pm abe 2 kali, tapi tak dapat pon pm abe. yaya mintak kalau ada coding utk disable right click or hide page source takut org amik pic hehe.. sebab kt cari ada tapi yaya try paste yang tu tak jadi pape pon.

Unknown said...

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