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Friday, August 3, 2007

Page Rank - Case Sensitive

Page Rank Paranoia

Something funny happened last night. As usual, I would dropped by to see what's happening on one of the local forum that I joined. Furthermore, I was looking for a topic to post. Then, I happened to come across these thread. Baloot who eventually became close to me after I helped him with one of his problems. (One of the many advantages when you helped someone out!)

Baloot has a viewed about that I begged to differ. He even has the courtesy to correct him if he's wrong, and I paid back the courtesy by apologizing before I answered his question. Not long after that when I came back to the forum, one of the started accusing me of starting a fight. My God, I'm speechless at first. Back in the old days, these type of behaviour will get a violent responses from me.

After giving a deep thought about, there's nothing to gain if I gave him the finger! I really don't know why he's showing his true colour as though he wants respect because he is the MODERATOR! If he wants that, I can give it to him. So, I started answering back apologizing all the way to humble myself. I even edited my answer, saying that I was wrong. If it is wrong to be right, then I don't wanna be right!

Cari is not the only forum that I joined and registered. There are many others that I've joined and registered. I do not only registered and gone, but I participated whole-heartedly trying to learn and giving useful tips whenever I can. I tried to be humble and follow the rules. Maybe he like the type who joked around, making useless comments, I don't know. I even had a hard time trying to read all the short cut words. Some time I thought I was in a strange countries. I can't even understand what they're trying to say! And the said moderator think, it's cool!

My latest adventure was in a prestigious forum where every Blogger users around the world wide web came whenever they needed help. I tried to help, as you can see here "how do I show HTML code on a post?" I came and joined Cari because I thought I can help, but when I started to give some tips, the said moderator thought I'm taking the spotlight away from him! For God sake, you're the MODERATOR. No matter how right I am, people will still look upon the moderator for guidance. If you see it differently, so be it...

If you own your own website or blog, vblog or whatever,
and if I were a betting man,I'd wager that there's a better than fair chance that your life is ruled by that little green coloured bar which shows the page rank attributed to your site by the 900 pound gorilla, Google.

Nothing else matters to you other than making that little green line move further and further towards the right. Because the further it goes, the higher your page rank (PR) becomes which means an automatic flood of traffic for you.

You're absolutely driven to distraction if you're approached for a link by a fellow WebMaster with a lower PR than you. How could that person have the bare faced gall to ask you for a link exchange? Don't they understand that if you do accept that link trade with a PR1 site, your PR3 will instantly plummet and you will be punished forever!

And if that person is you, lighten up! You're suffering from Page Rank

Why dedicate your life to try and move from a PR3 to a PR4 when there are much more productive ways to promote your website?

If you're that person, I would recommended for you to download these free ebook, Page Rank Is Not That Important!

I pray to Allah swt so that Cari will grow and held forum like MySpace. Read the news below:

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7 Responses to "Page Rank - Case Sensitive"

Online Money Maker said...

I'm not paranoid about PR but I am curious. How did you get a PR of 4 ? Is there some secret ? I have been blogging for about 5 months but am still only a 2 !
It says this blog doesn't allow comments - so we will see. The Old Vic

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