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Saturday, July 14, 2007

How To Create A Successful Blog

Nowadays it’s almost unfashionable for an online entrepreneur to not have a blog or two. Since the web abounds of personal blogs, informational blogs, art and poetry blogs, and so on, a business blog has to compete against all of the above-mentioned and business blogs for a high ranking in the search engine results pages.

For a blog to be successful it needs to be well written, frequently updated, well designed and honest. A business blog needs to focus on a target and discuss topics related to that target. The “know your audience” rule is the very foundation of a successful business blog.

Assuming you are not an online entrepreneur but still want to have a successful blog, here is what you should do:

Pick your topic. As a blogger you have the chance to write about anything you want. So what it will be? An online diary or a news outlet? Choose whatever is more appealing to you, a subject you are good at, and a theme that will reveal your talents, your passions and your knowledge.

Write in a personal manner and post frequently. The more you post, the more content you ad on your pages. And content is food for the search engines that scan blogs on a daily basis. A frequently updated blog has more chances of success than “lazy” blogs where people post a thought or two every once in a while.

Make your opinion known: that’s the whole idea behind blogging. You have to be an active member of the blogosphere, visit and post comments on other blogs as well. A good comment will attract traffic to your blog.

A blog is a great promotional and marketing tool. Use it wisely. Don’t use a blog to insult a person or to damage another business. Use a blog to provide quality information for the online community. If you have a business blog don’t use it to sell products, but to offer customer support, to request feedback, to make announcements and to publish advice. Use a website for sales and let the visitors decide whether they want to visit the “products” page or not, by providing a direct link to it from your blog. If you are a writer, the more quality content you post the higher chances to become popular and be recognized online as an expert in your field.

Promote your blog. Include your blog’s URL in your email signature, mention it in your newsletters and submit it to blog directories.

Companies and online entrepreneurs should really think twice before starting a blog. A blog needs constant updates and quality content. It will not be successful without these two important ingredients. A professional writer paid to update the blog on regular basis is sometimes the best alternative for business blogs. A professional writer will create a blog with attributes of clarity and simplicity. For blogs, SEO writers are preferable because they know how to write content that is keyword rich but not keyword stuffed and quality headlines that will grab the attention of the readers.

Last but not least, the content of the blog should be included in an RSS feed to increase blog’s popularity.

About the author
Scott Lindsay is a web developer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of HighPowerSites and many other web projects. HighPowerSites is the easiest do-it-yourself website builder on the web. No programming or design skill required. Get your own website online in just 5 minutes with at:

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