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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Create A Blog

I received several emails requesting me to show them how to One of them is from Kalimantan, an active NGO who has just attended a seminar in Kuala Lumpur. You can read Taibah Istiqamah's posts about her trip to Malaysia on her wonderful blog, Treasure the Journey. With great regret, I was unable to meet her when she was in Kuala Lumpur. InsyaAllah, we will meet one day in the future.

Another one is also an Indonesian, from Surabaya but she is working now in Singapore. Her name is, believe it or not, Kasih Abadimitya. A lovely name. She kept sending me email asking me to help her how to create a blog. How could I deny to such a request, especially from two lovely ladies. So, here goes my on how to create a blog with the awesome Blogger.

I've heard some great entrepreneurs here have even created an ebook about creating a blog with Blogger for sale. I'm a little bit surprise by all these event, something they can learn for free by doing a little bit of surfing in the Internet. I'm not going to comment much about it. I wish them all the best. May they be successful.

Blogs originally started as online diaries but they quickly developed into so much more. There are no frills, bells or whistles. You just get page after page - usually on someone else's server - to put all the texts and images you want.

You can write about anything you like from your family life to what's happening in your workplace to what you think about politic, sport, religion or anything else that takes your fancy. You'll be amazed at what people want to read!

1. From user to publisher in 5 mins or less

Create A Blog

Your destination will be to Blogger because it has two main advantages:

  1. Set-up is fast. You can be up and running with your own blog in five minutes. Let say ten minutes.

  2. It's owned by Google. That means Google will not abandon one of it own. The percentage for your blog to be ranked is high. Furthermore, to apply for AdSense will be a breeze.

1.1 Creating a Blogger account

Determine your Blog topic

Before you create a blog, you need to figure out what topic you gonna focus on. Think about your hobbies or skills that you're good at. You might not be an artist, but if you're really good at painting that you've been drawing on the weekend, that can be a great topic. Think about your skill and interest to determine what you would enjoy writing about. It's important that you like to write about it, since you will have to do so to build up the blog!

First Step: You create your account by choosing a username, a password and a display name - the name that will appear on your blog, like this blog here, I'm using the name, ArahMan7. You can even put on your own name for the blog. There's no reason why you can't do that if you want to.

Second Step: To name your blog. Again, you don't have to bang your head against the wall trying to come up with some fancy title. "Taibah's Blog" or "Kasih Forever" is good enough. You will also be asked to create your own URL. This will be like You have to type in several possibilities before you can come up with your_blog name/address that has not been taken. You know why? Because you ain't the first person who discover blogging!

You can even host your blog somewhere else, but that will be a different topic altogether. For the time being, just use Blogger's own server.

Third Step: Choose a If I'm not mistaken, Blogger offers about twelve templates to start with and once you've made your choice you can tweak it to your heart contents to suit your taste! All of the templates are good, even though you leave the templates as it is, you will still have a good looking blog. If none of the twelve take your fancy, you can change it for a different template later.

And that's it. You got yourself a blog. You will be taken to a page where you can start writing your first post. You will also be able to change the settings and formats of your blog, control the comments and play with the template if you want to do so.

The most important points on your blog though are what you put in the writing space. On the next post, I shall tell you about the Settings Tab. Any question, you can leave it by clicking the comment button. As for mine, the comment button is located at the top of my post (usually it is located at the bottom of the post).

Before that there are a few point I want to make. First of all, when you choose your blog URL, make sure that the URL contains the keywords for your topic. For example, if you're creating a blog about flower painting, "" is ideal, or "flower-painting" or even "flower-painting-blog" or "flower-painting101". Just make sure that your keywords are in the URL, that will help you be found when people search for your keywords in the search engines.

Also, be sure to pick one of the professional looking templates. I suggest you just pick the plain white one that is the first in the list of templates when you're creating the blog. Once the blog is created, then click on the templates tab and select one of the nicer ones shown there. My favourite is Douglas Bowman's White Minima.

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